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Survey Results

All I want for Christmas is...

Survey period: 21 Dec 2020 to 28 Dec 2020

A year to really come to terms with what's actually important.

The pandemic to be over and a return to normal. Whatever that means.8246.86
A change of scenery21.14
To be able to see and hold my friends and family148.00
A clear line between work and home. I'd like to be able to unplug52.86
More job / Financial / Personal success126.86
Toys. Some serious toys.74.00
A change of jobs (or a different position)10.57
People to listen, to be honest, open and respectful of one another, and to forgo the need to exaggerate and lie2514.29
Better health and/or fitness158.57

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GeneralIf I have to wish... Pin
Nelek42mins ago
protectorNelek42mins ago 
GeneralThe old saying still holds true Pin
W Balboos, GHB4hrs 2mins ago
mveW Balboos, GHB4hrs 2mins ago 
GeneralAll I want for Christmas is... Pin
OriginalGriff10hrs 15mins ago
mveOriginalGriff10hrs 15mins ago 
PraiseRe: All I want for Christmas is... Pin
Slacker0079hrs 13mins ago
professionalSlacker0079hrs 13mins ago 
GeneralRe: All I want for Christmas is... Pin
rnbergren3hrs 27mins ago
Memberrnbergren3hrs 27mins ago 
GeneralOther: All of above and more... Pin
Amit Joshi CP13hrs 6mins ago
MemberAmit Joshi CP13hrs 6mins ago 
GeneralWoodworking toys... Pin
Efe Erdo?ru13hrs 37mins ago
professionalEfe Erdo?ru13hrs 37mins ago 
Generalradiobuttons? Pin
V.13hrs 43mins ago
professionalV.13hrs 43mins ago 
GeneralBetter health and fitness Pin
RossMW14hrs 26mins ago
professionalRossMW14hrs 26mins ago 

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